COP Newsletter for July 2015

Please see the latest doings of Center of Peace Orphanage in Phnom Penh.

Author: Bophal Yos

The Center of Peace Orphanage is a Non-Profit organization that provides love, education, spiritual nurture, and a safe place for children at imminent risk of domestic abuse. COP is a Christian Orphanage that takes seriously the mandate to respect the rights of children, love and nurture them, and to seek their healing from trauma. COP endeavors to prepare them for a life in the world where they can contribute to society and bear witness to the Kingdom of God through own transformation. The Center of Peace has 66 orphans/children at risk who live in the center, go to public school, receive tutoring, and love and spiritual nurture. These children have been given up to the orphanage by parents or grandparents who cannot care for them, and/or by relatives who see the children are undergoing physical abuse or serious neglect. Part of the 66 children, are 10 young adults who come from difficult family or life circumstances. They live at the House of Peace (HOP), a dormitory that is part of the ministry of the Center of Peace (COP). They study at the university, work, and help out at the orphanage. Some have come up through the orphanage and are transitioning into mainstream society. Vision: We want to see the children and youth grow up to have a better future and a heart to serve our Lord as well as our nation.

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