Prayer Requests – November 30, 2009

Please pray for me and all children study hard.
Because on August 2010 we have 2 children will be finish hight school.
For me have final exam on 15-17 december 2009, my study English year 4, semester 1.

Prayer requests:

  1. Financial need for food or other and monthly need.
  2. Pray for new place because this house we will fine contract on December 2010.
  3. Pray for offering buy the land build the center and school.
  4. Pray for 22 children they study at public school. They could be strong in faith to share the gospel with their friends at school.
  5. Pray for teachers’ wisdom and strength who teach children at Center of Peace.
  6. Pray for two children they will be finish high school on August 2010 and they want go to university.

Love in him

Bophal and children


DSC_8015Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the Center of Peace Orphanage (COPO) is home to 70 children ages 3 to 18. They are orphans or come from families that can no longer care for them. A single caretaker and teacher, Yos Bophal, has been caring for the children for five years. We hope you take the time to learn about our community of children and consider working with us to raise them up as leaders for the future!