Located near the Russian Market district of Phnom Penh, the Center of Peace is a non-profit organization that provides a home to 70 children either orphaned or with parents unable to care for them. The Center was initially a project started by Yos Bophal on January 1st, 2001,with 15 children. It provides the children with the essential needs of spirituality, security, clothing, food, and education.  Yos Bophal, an orphan herself from age five, worked with private donations, largely from a Christian support group in Japan, through sister Kiko Hattori. The center grew to 75 by 2003. It received some additonal support through the Non-Government Organization “First Kids Cambodia” for two years (2004-2005). Additional supporters include the “Xenos Christian Fellowship” and since 2007 the “With God’s Little Ones”.

History of COP

  • 1993-15/5/2000: Kolorbot Koltida Khmer Kindergarten (Cambodian Children Kindergarten) was established under support and training by World Concern , which is an international NGO.
  • 16/5/2000: It became independent from World Concern due to the project term finishing . Miss. Yos Bophal had taken over and has been running COP by herself. Some of the parents have provided financial support. Main support is coming from a Japanese man through a Japanese missionary.
  • 2/7/2001: This project was expanded to be a boarding school for the children from rural areas who have a desire to learn more and also for children from broken families.
  • 2004: It came under First Kids Cambodia , which is registered as an international NGO. From then on, COP has received financial support and training to upgrade the center.
  • In May 2005, COP had around 59 live-in and 12 live-out children. 6 of the live-out children are from an orphanage near COP.

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